Monday, August 11, 2008


Hi everybody! Nothing much to share with you all on my singing activity…just doing my day job as usual. So far belum ada showlah…just traveling each week between Sandakan and KK to meet my girlfriend Joy and families in KK (Bila la.. sia boleh balik KK keja!! Sabar ja la). Attended a few wedding and sempat juga p menjenguk launching album si Linda Nanuwil di 1Borneo with my girlfriend. Tapi lambat ba kami p sana, when we reached abis sdh tu acara! But sempat juga jumpa few of my friends there si Usal (Artis ni!) and Malvin (Diva Sugandoi 2008 ni!) hehehe! …teda plak sa ambil gambar time tu pelancaran so yg sia upload ni gambar lama sia time di KDCA.

Friday, August 8, 2008

SURIA FM 105.9

What a surprised! I was on Suria FM.
I was so shocked to get a phone call from my old friend Othoe or DJ Othoe. I knew him since we were involved in LKNS concerts and shows. Tekejut jugalah sia tiba-tiba kana call ni! Hahahha! Well as usual, I was not actually ready for that sudden interview, so mcm tegagap-gagap juga la sia menjawab soalan-soalan si Othoe tu. The interview was on aired, this morning (08-08-2008) around 7.30am. But unfortunately that particular day I was in Sandakan. So cannot listen to 105.9 Suria FM. Only in KK and kawasan-kawasan yang berhampiran dengannya. Actually the interview was recorded the night before through phone call. Nasib baiklah time si Othoe call, the signal was good…usually pandai hilang-hilang tu signal. So generally the interview was about: what’s new about DFM, my album, my suggestions to Suria FM and lastly my thanks to all the listeners. I’m not sure how many are aware of this radio station but to me this is another platform for our local Sabahan artist to be promoted other than by Sabahvfm radio station of RTM. Directly or indirectly, such attempt will surely give a positive impact to our local music industry in the near future.