Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Hi Everybody!

Surely you all are aware that the election’s day just around the corner, so for the qualified voters… think before you vote ok! Vote for the one you think can benefit our community. You know what, usually when election’s day is coming, RTM KK usually invite me to sing at their shows like Titian Mesra RTM bersama wakil rakyat, all around Papar-KK-Tuaran, I like it coz this is the time to get some extra money other than your own salary. Hahaha! but now unfortunately I am not near KK anymore, I’m working in Sandakan right now, so “tiadalah makan!!!” hahaha! Melepas!!!! Hahaha! anyway that’s life! Sometimes we get sometimes we don’t! so I’m going back to my hometown Papar to vote for the future! Taking a few days leave…alang-alang urang bilang! Hahaha maybe I can meet some of my friends in KK! Miss all of themlah! Maybe we can plan to go for aramai tie! Lama sdh inda turun ke ladang ni! Hahahaha! Anyway don’t forget to go out and vote ok! Harap-harap cuaca bagus masa mengundi nanti!...

Ok selamat mengundi semua!!!!!

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