Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I’m still promoting my very first solo album to everyone that loves to hear the KadazanDusun's song. But for those who knew my music and the way I sing maybe already got the picture on how my songs sounded like. But for those who never heard of my song or even my name, this posting is an introduction from me to you!

Generally I started singing since primary school but actively involved in singing after I finished my Diploma. Since that, I participated a lot of singing competition around KK and KL (refer to my older post regarding my experienced in singing). In 2001 I started recording for demos and “Guminawo Oku Dika” was my first Single for RTM Sabah. This song introduces me to the local KadazanDusun music scene and starting from there, I had recorded a few more singles like “Iziau Koupusanku” and “Kada Oku Sindualai”. “Kada Oku Sindualai” is a hit for 48 weeks in “Bontugan Sinding” it’s a local music chart for Dusun songs by our local radio Sabahvfm of RTM Sabah. That song had been to the top chart for 12 weeks and that was my best achievement until now. What makes me proud the most is that, the song is written and composed by me, considering that I have no formal education in music. For your info, I don’t play any music instruments even guitar or piano. I just do like “humming” to get the melody of the song. After that I get a tape recorder and record the melody so that I will not forget how the melody sounded like. Now I just used my HP to record the melody. Technology makes my life easier! Haha! After that, then I do the lyric to suit the melody. After all that, then I give the song to my music arranger and he was the one who creates the music background according to how I want the song to be on what instruments to use, the tempo of the song, how’s the music should start and how it should end, things like that! So creativity is very much needed at this point, to make the song beautiful.

So, after a few hits, I have signed for a record deal with a local recording company in KK. But I don’t know what happened, the deal ended up with no deal! No album until the last day of my contract! So, just assumed that I have no luck with that company. What to do!!! So after my contract end, I still get supports from friends and family to release my album! So with all my heart, I started to compose new song and with my own money I produced my first solo album released last December 2007 just before Christmas! It was a big relief for me after all the difficult times I’ve been through. Thank God! I finally had my own album! With just a small budget, I managed to produce this album that I’m personally very proud of. Of course with the help of my friend Peter Peninting who helped me in realizing my dream and Davelynne for designing my album cover.

Ok! About the album, this album is more to ballad, pop and a bit of R&B, pop rock and one ethnic creative number. Most of the songs are in Kadazan and Dusun language and as a bonus track I have included 3 songs in Malay language. At this moment, I’m still managing the distributions of my album around Sabah. Marketing is not easy I tell you! “Pening kepala dibuatnya” hahaha! before this the album had been distributed to several Ligo Music Centre outlets ( now finished and still waiting for new stock) and kedai yang ada jual sekarang ini ialah di kedai OPT-DISC Asia City, KK. Sorry for that! Now I know, making an album is one thing, marketing and distribution is one more thing! Aiya!!! Bukan senang oo!!! Beginilah nasib artis recording yang tiada label! No formal distributor! So have to work extra hard to promote and distribute the album by myself! Thank God I have few friends and family members that help me distributing and sell my album! Kadus Entertainment website also helping me in promoting the album and sell it online. O ya I almost forgot! I just gave 25 copies of my album to a friend that have music store in Brunei. I’m not sure the location of the outlet but I hope after this my KadazanDusun fans working in Brunei can get my album. Kalau laku, I will surely send more CDs there!

So guys! If you love ballad and pop songs, this is the album! Show your support to the local music in Sabah by buying the original copy. Enjoy the album ok! Kalau banyak sambutan I will do the karaoke version of my album. So that will be my next move. But at the moment, please support my CD album ok! Thank you all!!!

p/s One of the famous blogger known as dBos-fm had posted a comment and gave a brief review on my album dated 19-02-2008. I copied the whole comment and paste it here in my blog! Haha! Thanks dbos-fm for your sincere comment and your support to my album. I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fairly worth the wait

I just had the opportunity to 'examine' Danny F. Malinggi's debut album. First up, who can avoid noticing the cover. Tastefully and gracefully designed (I even like the font). Check punya check si Davelynne bah yang design! The photo/graphic (especially the one at the back cover) looks very well defined as if given a slight touch of graphic animation (bersinar-sinar mata artis). Not to sure if it comes with a specific theme, but to me it looks 'mystique'...:). Kudos to Sumandak!.And on to the songs. As expected, ballad rules. If you like "Guminawo Oku Dika" I guarantee you like most of the materials here. Unfortunately the song itself is not included in this album (wonder why...copyright issue?). Danny writes 99% of the songs (the other 1% goes to Peter Peninting). The songs are very pleasing and most of them, I can say, are radio-friendly especially the mushy ballads. To me they're equally good. Whatever the DJ picks will become a hit (sort of no killer song here). Danny's voice undoubtedly is one of the best. Soulful and expressive. He's one of those new breed KDM male singers who sing local ballad in R & B mode.

As usual, I always kind of having a high expectation on our local productions. Unfortunately having gone through the whole of this album, I've to say it's slightly below what I'd expected particularly on the music department. But just blame my damn crazy high expectation (maklumlah kan citarasa antarabangsa sangat!..:)), otherwise it's a brilliant efforts by local standard...:)

I'm spoil for choice on which song to promote here and finally picked the first track entitled Minogivang Koh Pomuandamanku or MKP in short. Check it out on KDM playlist!

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