Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Titian Mesra RTM at UMS

Last Sunday (30/3/2008) I was invited to performed at Titian Mesra RTM KK for the “Karnival Kerjaya” at UMS. Being part of this show gave me the opportunity to meet some of my old friends where we used to sing in many of RTM’s function years ago like Laura Jonly (mcm 10 tahun sdh sia inda jumpa dia ni!) Rubisah/Mimi (finalist Mystarz 2007, selalu juga nyanyi sama dia ni masa di RTM and Lembaga Kebudayaan N. Sabah) Janrywine (my friend). The others were newcomer and they are so talented. Including Rachel (also Mystarz 2007 finalist) she is so cute with a big talent!!! I’m so happy to share the same stage with all of them!

Most of them sang new hit song unlike me still singing the Keabadian Cinta (Anuar Zain) and Pernah (Ferhad) songs. Alaaa.. tiada masa to learn new songs bah sia ni skarang…kalau dulu.. apa ja lagu baru yang siok2 trus hafal…skrang…hemmmm teda masa la…sama teda time to send demo for new songs to RTM la, that’s why lah sia terpaksa nyanyi lagu lama! Hahaha! After this I have to learn la some of the new songs yang hit masa kini kunun! Bah nama pun sudah penyanyi kan…so kena buat homework skit la… kena update skit! Hehehe! So back to the Titian Mesra RTM, this was the first time they held it in the morning. 9.30am. But the shows started around 10 am, but still most of us (the singers) at that particular time…”suara belum bangun” we call it! Hahaha!...time tu suara pun masih sarut2 skit. Tapi what to do… kerja kena dibereskan…so I have to use all the singing techniques that I know in my performance that…. everything went smooth like what I want it to be! Thank God…but that afternoon…my voice getting worst…mcm org sakit…the sarut2 getting even worst but luckily…there is no coming shows at the moment so no worry lah…(maybe suara belum bangun yang kena force menyanyi tu la yang mungkin telah mencederakan otot2 dalam kerongkong sia…tu lah makin sarut ni suara! Adeh… sabar ja lah) So after the shows end…we took some pictureslah..for kenang-kenangan…. But I didn’t bring my camera….so I only hope they can give a copy to me! Hahaha! Roslia (RTM camera girl) kau la harapan sia ni skarang! Hehehe! That’s why at this moment I could not upload any photo taken during the show. But I will upload it when I get my copy, ok guys!

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