Thursday, January 29, 2009


I received a phone called from Tina Rahim (the producer of CATS) from RTM Sabah yesterday (28-01-2009). She told me that I’m one of the finalists for Final CATS 2008. Wah… gumbira jugalah sia dpt berita ini. I actually had forgotten about it already, hahaha! Where I was nominated to be in the chart and was fortunate enough to stay in the chart for several weeks and also managed to be the weekly winner for several weeks.

But this program is a bit different from other program such as the Juara Lagu Dusun or Lagu Popular Kadazan, where original Kadazan or Dusun song is needed to be nominated in the weekly chart and will be voted by the listeners of the program and the finalist will be singing the same song as the one that had been nominated in the weekly chart. CATS is little bit different, all singers that had been nominated to be in the weekly chart will sing a cover version (me for example sang a cover for “Bila Resah” by Anuar Zain) and the finalist for Final CATS then will be singing a brand new song in Malay language to be compose by the singer/finalist or they can get help from other composers/lyricist. In other words the finalist must sing an original brand new song in the final.

The date has not been confirmed yet, but I am so excited and nervous at the same time! So guys, wish me luck ok! Hopefully everything will go smoothly as planned.

To RTM Sabah, thank you very much for this golden opportunity and this can also be one of my best birthday present for this year. Anyway for those who don’t know, my birthday is today 29th January. Hahaha! thank u to all my friend who had wished happy birthday to me! Thanks guys!

As usual, I’m not hoping much to win, but to be in the final is already my very own personal achievement in my singing career as a whole and to be able to sing and delivered my song as best as I can is my main target.

p/s Thank you honey for the present!! Muahh!!

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